Maximizing your ROI on LinkedIn

Maximizing your ROI on Linked In

by Chantelle Kadala

Linked In

Linked In

In the realm of online networking, LinkedIn is the big daddy of them all. If you are serious about business, you are connecting on LinkedIn and with over 175 million registered users, you aren’t the only one.

Like minded individuals are networking and sharing ideas quickly and efficiently for years and now the LinkedIn publishing platform has created a new and wide-reaching stage for content creators.

With its many moving parts it can take a little time to properly set up your LinkedIn profile properly but once done correctly your small investment of time is well worth the return.

Here is how to grow your audience (and prospects):

  1. Publish your blog posts on LinkedIn’s publishing platform.
  2. Make more connections. You don’t have to just rely on going through your friends list of connections. Reach out to un-connected LinkedIn members through email, Twitter and Facebook and ask them if you can officially connect on LinkedIn.
  3. Find LinkedIn Groups to participate in and if you find you can do better or specialize more than what is currently out there, then by all means start your own group.
  4. Be that guy, or gal, who is always contributing something of value or asking the smart question on LinkedIn influencer’s post.
  5. Try to send 5-7 new invites each week. Remember that you are looking for mutually beneficial connections which means you have completed your Linked In profile fully, you are making smart connections, and you are sharing the best content there is out there.
  6. Be easy to get in contact with and prominently display your contact information.
  7. Be a good connection and make a point to endorse people you know for the things they are good at.
  8. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is on your business cards, websites, email signatures and other self-marketing material.
  9. Promote your other social media profiles and websites by linking them on your profile.
  10. Automate your social media work so LinkedIn post are automatically tweeted, blog post are automatically posted on LinkedIn, photos you post on your LinkedIn profile are also posted to your Google+ profile, and so on and so on. Apps like HooteSuite and IFTTT do these things with ease and are worth using.

Your LinkedIn profile is like a full page newspaper ad in every newspaper in the world. Make sure that it is representing you and what you can do to the fullest. If you don’t have the time or patience to write out all the fill in the blank parts in compelling and engaging language look at hiring a professional writing service to do it for you. It can save you hours of your time while giving you a professionally written advertisement of yourself (and your business), showing the world what you do best.