Get Your Emails Opened – 5 Tips

Get Your Emails Opened – 5 Tips by Chantelle Kadala

There are few people who buy much less eat a cake with ugly icing and no clue as to what flavor of cake it is. It could be chocolate cake, your favorite, but why risk it? It is the same with emails except that you are getting offered a hundred cakes a day. Which is actually even more reason you won’t take the chance. Make sure that your email has an enticing and informative subject line, is short and gets to the goods quickly, and delivers what you promised.

Tip #1 Effective Subject Lines get Emails Opened

Construct brief, specific, and relevant headlines. Why would someone want to open this email? Get personal and use their name. Tell the benefit – reveal the surprise inside. “John this is the Networking Contact Sheet you need”.

Tip #2 Short, Concise and Packed with Good Stuff

It’s not an essay. Give the information they want and need and clearly say how they can contact you or link to where they can get more information. Your email is also not a full page ad about how great you are. If your email is a little information and a lot of advertising they will avoid your emails like they jump pages in a nanosecond on the web to avoid the other 1000 ads thrown at them every day and never open your emails again.

Tip #3 The Brain LOVES Bullet Points

If you have more than two things to say, break it up and clearly separate those thoughts with bullets, numbers, or bold lettering so the reader knows he can dig into the parts he wants without dedicating too much to your email. If they like what you are saying on one point, they are likely to read the rest and open your next emails.

Tip #4 Watch Your Tone Young Lady (or Young Man)

Perception is reality, especially when words are floating outside the confines of a deliberate context. Meaning a simple line like “Americans are doing this all wrong” could be read as “I’m a democracy hating expat sick of lazy American ways and I’m going to correct what is wrong with you little minds.” That’s a broad jump, but as an example it shows the easy misinterpretation of words. Being mindful of your audience, their hot points and sensitive issues, and be clear in your message. Type what you would say if you saw this person in the fruit section of the grocery store, not an executive board room. Is your tone pleasant and appealing? If you can comfortably smile while saying the words out loud you are probably in the right tone.

Tip #5 Don’t Distract from the Message

You are a professional and your emails should be representative of that. Professionals don’t have typos, they don’t put everyone’s email address in the “To” field for every recipient to see, they don’t reply all, or over use exclamation points and all caps.

Take a look at what you are doing and if you aren’t getting the engagement you want from your emails make changes.  Big or small, there will be no improvement without change.


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