Why You Should Hire a Freelance Writer

by Chantelle Kadala
SAY MORE Services

Why You Should Hire a Freelance Writer – SAY MORE! Services

When you are an executive or running your own company, there will be a multitude of circumstances when communications must be written. If you are lucky, there is someone in your organization who can handle these tasks and the amount you pay them is not wasted on the time they spend writing and not performing their primary duties.

If you don’t have someone on payroll designated to handle your writing needs then hiring a freelance writer is the smart and economical choice. These professional writers are passionate about writing, experienced in knowing what to say to get your desired result and practiced at conveying information in a concise and easy to understand format.

Blogs, newsletters, sales letters, employee handbooks and memos about important changes in policy, products or benefits requires expert writing in a professional and persuasive tone to serve their purpose. This is what a professional writer does best.

Today’s professional writer knows how to write towards a specific audience, creating understanding and engaged participation. They also know how to optimize your online presence with keyword research and search engine optimization to bring you more traffic, so your website ranks higher, and viewed more often.


  • Your staff can not handle all your writing needs or their time is better spent on other business critical activities.
  • You want the all the benefits of engaging and effecting writing services without having to worry about added human resources, salary, and taxes – or providing the office space, supplies and cost of employee benefits that come with hiring a writer to your staff.
  • You want to focus on your business and personal priorities and not on whether or not you are using the right words in every communication that goes out to employees, clients and prospective clients and funders.
  • You know you need a stronger online presence but don’t have a resource that can supply consistent, customer attracting content.
  • You know what you want to say but just need it said better and would benefit from copy re-writes and ghost writing.
  • The writing has already been done but it requires editing or proofreading.


  • Transform ideas and visions into expertly written communications that get results.
  • Delegate your writing task, freeing company time, while trusting that deadlines are met without fail.
  • Add a low-cost resource focused on quality writing and performing ahead of your project schedules as you control deadlines.
  • Receive personalized, one-on-one attention from one project manager.
  • Enjoy a collaborative and flexible project experience that ensures you get exactly what you what, when you want it.

The benefits of hiring a freelance writer are many as your relationship centers around a per-job, and to the customer’s (your) satisfaction, contract that requires none of the expensive staff benefits you pay for your employees. Especially considering the low-cost of services comes with an expertise that gives you well written documents and communications that get the job done.


SAY MORE! Services is a business writing provider who specializes in combining exceptional communication skills with business understanding. See a list of our services here: SAY MORE! SERVICES


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