Create Infographics for Your Blog – Easily and for Free

By Chantelle Kadala

You want to create attractive and engaging infographics, right?

But you aren’t a graphic designer, are you?

There are great tools out there – free resources – that allow you to make cool, eye-catching (and infinitely sharable) infographics.  Create from templates or from scratch, and then you can easily add to your blog, website, and print materials.

creating infographics

Create clean and clear infographics like this one from GDS Infographics.

Use these free tools to create images that concisely present data or statistics, represent the flow of information or a process, show the relationship between issues, or demonstrate the pros and cons of just about anything.

And the best part is it is fast and free!

  1. lets you create your own infographics in minutes with their easy to use tools, you can use their directory to share your infographic, and you can use the site to find, and embed, other people’s infographics onto your blog or social media.


With you can make 30+ different types of charts, download to PNG or PDF format, and publish online or embed it to make it sharable. Almost a billion infographics have been made on this site and there is the extra advantage of being able to password protect your data and create a private link.

  1. has dozens of templates you can customize, a collection of shape and arrows for your use, and it also lets you upload your own component graphics and throw them into your infographic… yeah! Plus it uses a drag and drop method that even I can do, so once you get the hang of that you’ll never stop making infographics.

  1. Google Chart Tools

If you are a fan of Google, you’ll love this powerful and ease to use free application. You can create an infinite number of different types of charts and customize them to match your website or theme but it is limited to charts. Charts are just one type of infographic so you will need to use one of the other tools to create other types of infographics. From Google: Using Google Charts

  1. Wordle

Wordle is where you go to create those sometime gorgeous and sometimes visually painful word clouds. You put in the words you want in your word cloud, in order of importance for big word to little word, and voila… word cloud. Customize with fonts, layouts and color schemes, save to Wordle gallery, and post to your blog.

DESIGN TIME TIP: Look… you are a busy, busy person and things need to be done yesterday. Spend five minutes or so exploring each of these websites to see what their (and your) capabilities are. Then decide what you want to create, what you want it to look like, gather your data, and create the infographic you designed. Don’t tinker aimlessly waiting for inspiration to come to adding every bell and whistle you can find. Build a clean and concise infographic, proofread it, post it on your blog and if you find free time (ha, ha, ha) you can go back and play with it later.
Are there other free infographic creation programs out there that I’m missing? Let me know in the comments. And remember: K.I.S.S. – Keep It Seriously Simple – for us non-designer users.

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