Infographics and Data Visualization – What Can You Draw?

By Chantelle Kadala

You may be on information overload! The internet, tablets, smart phones and now even our watches and bracelets are throwing information at us every waking minute of the day and the brain wants to get that information faster and clearer, with a lot less work. That is where infographics come in, and why we recently gave you Free Infographic Making Tools.

But what can you draw with the data visualization tools?


Here are 9 Types of Infographics You Can Create

  1. Chronological: Illustrate the changes or evolution of your subject through a timeline or chronological visual history.

    Chronological Infographic

    Chronological Infographic

  2. Bar Charts: Bar graphs comparing the numeric results (of surveys, counts, costs, etc) of two or more things.
  3. Flow Charts: From a distinct start point show the many ways a process or question can progress to a distinct ending. (One of the easiest to make)

    Flow Chart Infographic

    Flow Chart Infographic

  4. Visualized Article: Take an in depth article and break it down into small, easily digestible, pieces that you piece together with graphics to direct the flow of reading.
  5. Instructional: Instructions with graphics or images are the easiest to use and they are highly sharable and pin-able.

    Instructional Infographic

    Instructional Infographic

  6. This vs. That: Compare two things in a head to head comparison to visually show differences and persuade towards one side. This works well with a lot of data, going linear down the sides with graphic center.
  7. Numbers Numbers Numbers: Persuasive and filled with eye-catching and interesting stats and data, graphically broken up in a way that makes it easy to absorb and understand the purpose of theinfographic.

    Numbers Numbers Numbers Infographic

    Numbers Numbers Numbers Infographic

  8. Photo: Take a large photo with ONE clear focal point and use lines or arrows to point to certain parts or all come from one point inside to photo to text boxes with your information. Too easy.
  9. Maps: Create maps to demarcate data or differences from different areas (states, countries, etc.)

    Map Infographic

    Map Infographic


There are an infinite number of variations and combinations of these types. And the truly creative will make up their own style of infographics. Using the free tools available my tips are to:



Do you have a favorite spot to check out infographics before you start to build yours? Let us know in the comments.

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