Responding to Negative Online Reviews – Small Business Tips PART 3


How to Respond to Negative Reviews Online

Post Your Response to Negative Reviews Quickly.

Post Your Response to Negative Reviews Quickly.

You receive a bad review online for your business and you are mad, worried and/or want to die. Now that it is there, process all that and move your emotions to the side.

First, write a response like we spoke about in Responding to Negative Online Reviews PART 2 – COMPOSING YOUR RESPONSE.

Don’t spend a lot of time perfecting witty comebacks or snarky comments. Your focused and prospect-winning written response is concise, clear and professional and needs to be online as soon as possible. Now go and confidently post your response.

PART 1 – Do This and Not That  click to read

PART 2 – Composing – Number 1 – 3 click to read


4.  Edit the Response & Post: Take out all the redundant or repeated words, long-winded excuses, and unnecessarily detailed descriptions to make sure your response is as short and concise as possible. No one wants, nor is willing to read a 500+ word response on how you are right and the customer is wrong.

Take one last time proofreading the response by reading it out loud. Your response needs to stay brief, focused and centered on reassuring future customers, not fighting with the one person who felt so strongly they left a negative review (which means they will probably never be your customer again).

5. Post and Monitor: Follow the website instructions and correctly post your response as soon as you are able after receiving a negative review. Check the review website frequently over the next few weeks to see if the negative reviewer has made further comments.

You may notice that a lot of times a negative review will prompt other actual customers to post their own reviews stating the difference in their experience to the negative experience posted. You must monitor and respond to those comments as well.

6. Ask for Review Update:  If you have had personal contact with the bad reviewer outside of the initial review to resolve their problem encourage them to update their review. If they do not, be sure to update yours with a short note as to what you were able to do.

Almost all local review sites give the owner a space to publicly respond to reviews. Google Places, Yahoo Local, Trip Advisor, Yelp, Insider Pages, Merchant Circle, and SuperPages all allow responses and most of these will allow owners to edit and delete reviews (except for Yelp which seems to stay in litigation about this very issue) so reach out to customer service on these sites and see what exactly they can do to help you with a negative review.



In PART 4 we address ways you can COMBAT negative reviews online.


How have you responded to a negative review? Let us know in the comments.



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