Content Marketing with SlideShare

Content Marketing with SlideShare

As a business owner you have a million things to do and, regardless of your New Year’s Resolutions, learning new skills and marketing techniques hasn’t made it to the top of the list yet. Assuming you haven’t brushed up on your Social Media Marketing options, here is a short primer on how you can market your company with SlideShare.

First… what’s so great about SlideShare?

  • SlideShare isn’t just a presentation tool – it’s also a social platform.
  • LinkedIn acquired SlideShare a little while ago and that means that it’s super-charged with the power of the world’s top professional social networking site.
  • SlideShare PRO features are free as of late 2014 and you can now upload not only slides, but also video which means you can share company videos and webinars.
  • Public and private uploads mean you can privately share specific presentations links with VIP customers to make them feel special and protect trade secrets.
  • SlideShare analytics help you know what is hot and what is not to better target your marketing efforts.

Second… how to create kick-ass presentations?

Guess what! SlideShare has an awesome presentation for that and it is both fun and informational, giving you simple tips for creating highly-sharable slides. Click here for “How to create Great Slides for presentations” or check out the nifty embedding below. See how easy it is to create a presentation and add SlideShare to your blog or website as part of your content marketing platform.

And Most Importantly… how do you market with SlideShare?

Use Leadshare (part of SlideShare campaigns) to collect the email of people who downloaded your presentation (or pdf file) by inserting lead capture forms in your documents, videos and presentations. You also have the power to set up a campaign where the contact form shows at the end of the deck, after the tenth slide, or as a permanent button on the slide player. See and track your leads in the LeadShare section of your dashboard, or as some of us lazier marketers do, just have this information emailed to you.

Link to your most powerful content inside your presentations. Embedded links let you transition people from the slides to your website and landing pages. Once your pass the fourth slide you can start adding live links throughout the rest of your presentation. Just add the link before you upload the slides and give viewers an easy path to where you want them to go.

Create irresistible Calls to Action that are bold, bright and clear. Use crisp and simple graphics and copy (scripting) to tell readers what you want them to do next and why it is to their benefit to click this button or link, or fill out this form. Think of why are you spending precious time creating presentations and loading them onto SlideShare (and then embedding them on your website).  What’s your objective here?  Have them sign up for your newsletter, view your new product, check out your services, buy your book, or read your blog. Whatever it is you want, sometimes you just have to ask.

SEO the hell out of your description so people looking for what you are selling find youBut also remember to make it reader friendly for humans. Search engines use this information so your presentations show up in relevant search engine results, but real people also read these to decide whether or not your presentation is going to give them the information they are looking for. Be clear on what someone will learn in your presentation and make sure to include links to your website, email opt-in forms, blogs or where ever it is you would want a viewer to go.


Tips from SlideShare on getting your presentation viewed:

  1. Be a thought leader and show your expertise
  2. Have catchy headlines and title slides
  3. Optimize your content for SEO
  4. Make it visual
  5. Share your content across multiple channels
  6. Use analytics to measure and improve
  7. Add SlideShare to your LinkedIn Profile
  8. Use last slide for Calls to Action for viewers

Your business, big or small, can benefit from content marketing like blogging, whitepapers, and presentations.  Give real consideration to adding SlideShare to your content marketing plan.

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365 Special Days for Your Marketing Calendar

List of Special Days to Help You

Plan Your Content and Promotions

I have been looking all over for a resource to give small business and microbusiness owners to use with your FREE Marketing Calendar Template (click for free download).  The template includes a handful of holidays, special days, and observances but it would take some time to do an in depth search for “special” days that were relevant to your business.  This list below is so comprehensive I just had to share it!

Special days for your content and marketing calendarYes… there are A LOT of super silly days on here. But I bet there are some you can use no matter what industry you are in. For example National Drink Wine Day is so official it has its own website. It’s not too early to get ready for Feb 18th and think of all the reasons to drink… I mean promotions you can make that involve wine.


Scan through this list and mark on your calendar the days you can use in your blogging and marketing efforts. Do an internet search for information on the “special” day and make notes on how you can incorporate them into your content marketing plan or business promotions. I know it’s a long list but the time you are going to save not having to search for this information is ten-fold the time it will take you to go through this list.

If you need any suggestions on developing content, just reach out and let me know. –Chantelle


This was originally posted by a savvy intern named Cristina over at The DSM Group – a full-service marketing, advertising and public relations agency over in New Jersey.  Click to view their website (which is pretty impressive) or the original post.


Marketing Calendar 2015    

Posted by Cristina on 1:27 PM on October 1, 2014

Having trouble coming up with marketing content for the upcoming year? Need a little help making a marketing calendar that fits with your company’s vision? Check out our 2015 Marketing Calendar to get a head’s up on all upcoming holidays and events.

While everyone is making their New Year’s resolutions to get back into the gym or finally quit that nasty habit, think about what you can do to improve your business. Just like any successful resolution, planning is key. Maybe offer a spring kickoff promotion or simply wish your customers a Happy Independence Day.

There are events for every day of the year, and you’re likely to find great ways to connect with your customers!

January Marketing Ideas

January 1st, Thursday: New Years Day – When to start marketing: Monday, December 1st

Ring in the New Year and roll out your brand spankin’ new marketing plan. If you’re not excited about 2015 yet, you should get excited!

Think of all the marketing opportunities this year has to bring. If you can’t think of any, you’re in luck because we’ve thought of some for you! Don’t wait for January 1st to start thinking of strategies. Getting an early start is crucial for a successful business year.

January 19th, Monday: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – When to start marketing: Monday, January 5th

“I Have a Dream” that your business can strive to be successful this year. Martin Luther King, Jr. fought hard against racism and was a key figure of the civil rights movement.

Channel the passion that King had to bring your business the best marketing strategies you can think of. Afterward, thank him with an in-store or online display. Martin Luther King, Jr. left behind a strong legacy, and your business can too.

Other Marketing Ideas in January

January 1st, Thursday – Commitment day January 17th, Saturday – Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day
January 2nd, Friday – Buffett Day January 18th, Sunday – Thesaurus Day
January 3rd, Saturday – Drinking Straw Day January 19th, Monday – Popcorn Day
January 4th, Sunday – Spaghetti Day January 20th, Tuesday – Cheese Lovers Day
January 5th, Monday – Bird Day January 21st, Wednesday – Hugging Day
January 6th, Tuesday – Cuddle Up Day January 22nd, Thursday – Celebration of Life Day
January 7th, Wednesday – Tempura Day January 23rd, Friday – Measure Your Feet Day
January 8th, Thursday – Show and Tell at Work Day January 24th, Saturday – Peanut Butter Day
January 9th, Friday – Apricot Day January 25th, Sunday – Opposite Day
January 10th, Saturday – Cut Your Energy Costs Day January 26th, Monday – Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
January 11th, Sunday – Step In a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day January 27th, Tuesday – Chocolate Cake Day
January 12th, Monday – Clean Off Your Desk Day January 28th, Wednesday – International Fun at Work Day
January 13th, Tuesday – Rubber Duckie Day January 29th, Thursday – Puzzle Day
January 14th, Wednesday – Dress Up Your Pet Day January 30th, Friday – Insane Answering Message Day
January 15th, Thursday – Hat Day January 31st, Saturday – Backward Day
January 16th, Friday – Nothing Day  


See the other 11 months in this easy-to-read and easy-to-print word document: Special Days Marketing Calendar 2015 or the original post.


FREE Marketing Calendar Template for 2015

The free download of the 2015 Marketing Calendar Template in Excel is so 4 years ago!

Grab the 2018 Marketing Calendar Template in Excel with the FREE DOWNLOAD below.

2018 Marketing Calendar Template Download Now Banner BlueGet the 2018 Marketing Calendar Template in EXCEL NOW AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD!


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2018 Marketing Calendar Template – Free


Since you are here… this is what the Free 2015 Marketing Calendar Template in Excel looked like:

FREE 2015 Marketing Calendar Template
FREE Marketing Calendar Preview