Guide to Late Night Bites in Sacramento

Sacramento’s Top Six Places to Eat After-Hours

By Chantelle Kadala

It’s the weekend, you’re hungry and you look at the time: 12:03 a.m. Now you have a dilemma on your hands, because finding food after midnight in Sacramento is no easy task unless you know exactly where to go.

Well, problem solved. Here are the best spots in the city of Sacramento to grab a late night bite and not regret it in the morning. (No regrets refers only to food eaten and not alcohol consumed or acts committed after midnight or after alcohol.)

Ink Eats & Drinks

Midtown – 2730 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95816

@InkEats (916) 456-2800

Late Night Menu

Hours: Mon – Tue 11:30am to 1am, Wed – Thu 11:30am to 3am, Fri 11:30am to 4am, Sat 9am to 4am, Sun 9am to 1am

Ink Eats & Drinks has been open for over 10 years and is an institution to the after-party crowd. Free Wi-Fi and televisions, a special late night menu , and a modern decor with a tattoo theme keep the customers coming back. One of the few spots with a full bar and weekend DJ what makes Ink extra special is the amazing late night menu that includes the usuals mixed in with items like breakfast pizza and shredded pork sandwiches. Be sure to check out Ink’s website for food and drink menus, interactive directions, a calendar of specials.

Willie’s Burgers

Downtown – 2415 16th Street, Sacramento, CA 95818 (916) 444-2006


Hours: Mon – Tue 6:30am to Midnight, Wed-Thu 6:30am to 1am, Fri 6:30am to 3am, Sat 7:30am to 3am, Sun 7:30am to Midnight

If you are a carnivore and live in Sacramento, then no doubt you have heard of and probably eaten a Willie’s burger. Some call these the best burger in town but this burger joint is also known for its other menu items like chili fries and garlic steak sandwiches. There are even some vegetarian sandwiches like the eggplant grilled sandwiches on the menu and you can get all of this until 3 a.m. on the weekend.

Burgers and Brew

Downtown – 1409 R Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 (916) 442-0900


Hours: Sun-Wed 11am to Midnight, Thu-Sat 11am to 3am

If beers and burgers sound like the perfect middle of the night combination then your first choice should be the appropriately named Burgers and Brew. They are pretty serious about their burgers using 100% Niman Ranch hormone-free meat (if you care about those kinds of things after a night of drinking). And they are even more serious about their award winning beers including an Imperial Brown Ale called Rapture – a Burger and Brews exclusive you have to try. You’re only problem is picking which burger you want: bacon cheeseburger, turkey burger, mushroom onion, lamb, buffalo, chorizo, or garden among others.

Pieces Pizza by the Slice

Midtown – 1309 21st Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 441-1949 NOTE: Cash Only

Hours: Mon 5pm to Midnight, Tue – Thu 11am to Midnight, Fri 11am to 3am, Sat 10am to 3am, Sun Noon to Midnight

You can’t look up the menu online but what you can do is grab a big slice of delicious gourmet pizza at 2 am like the big city folk do in Chicago and New York. Pieces Pizza is cash only but if you have $4 you can get a slice and a soda. A hole-in-the-wall spot in the best way possible it is (pun intended) a slice of heaven if you are looking for food in the middle of the night. Sure you could get a slice of cheese pizza, but you could also get a piece of the gluten free veggie with fresh garlic added on top or a tasty pesto tomato with feta and sun dried tomato. They cut and serve what they have so while you can’t get a made to order slice you will get a fresh hot piece of scrumptious pizza every time you go.


Midtown – 2019 Q Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 (916) 930-0951


Hours: Mon – Wed 11am to 8:30pm, Thu 11am to Midnight, Fri-Sat 11am to 2:30am, Sun 2pm to 10pm

At Chita’s you can get the expected tacos and burritos or you can get the unexpected like the veggie burrito filled with zucchini, squash, papas, beans and guacamole and top it off with one of the eight types of salsa from the salsa bar. And that is what is great about Chita’s; hot and delicious authentic Mexican food at 2 am (with a beer or wine if you are so inclined) and everything is under $7.

Heat Shabu Baru

Downtown – 2416 18th Street, Sacramento, CA 95818 (916) 930-9888


Hours: Mon Closed, Tue-Thu 4pm to Midnight, Fri-Sat 4pm to 1am, Sun 5pm to 11pm

How does “Japanese Fondue & Sake Bar” sound? Pretty awesome, right? Well, it kind of is. A hip, trendy bar and lounge-esque fondue restaurant all rolled into one. Heat Shabu Baru is the spot for interactive eating experience where you cook fresh ingredients like Wagyu and Kobe beef with ramen and veggies in a savory broth right at your table while enjoying appetizers and Asian-inspired cocktails. Mix it up with seafood or lamb and even partake of the all you can eat dining special and go crazy. Just make sure you plan plenty of time for the whole experience.

Didn’t see you favorite late night grub spot on the list? Tell us in the comments.