The Best MMORPG Ever? See What Games Made the List

The Top 10 Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games of All Time

By Chantelle Kadala –  Apr 27, 2014

Want to be a superhero or a fantasy warrior? Want to fly or cast magic spells? Want to do whatever you want and do it with a million other people? Then you definitely want to play a multiplayer game online.

There are hundreds to choose from but here, just for you, are the best multiplayer online games of all time. If you don’t agree make sure you let me know!

Top 10 Multiplayer Games Ever

  1. World of Warcraft. This massively multiplayer online (MMO) peaked at over 12 million subscribers in 2010 and even though it recently lost millions of subscribers its one of the few MMOs with a multi-million subscriber list. At any time of the day you can join thousands and thousands of gamers from around the world in a virtual world full of magic and adventure
  2. Entropia Universe. This advanced 3D virtual environment has a developed planetary system and one universal Real Cash Economy system where you buy Entropia dollars with real money, use it in the game and then can cash it out 10 to 1 which gives virtual items acquired within the game real life value.
  3. Runescape. In 2008 Guinness World Records crowned RuneScape the World’s Most Popular Free MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) and also holds the Guinness World Record for the Most Prolifically Updated MMORPG.
  4. Ultima Online. An old school original from back in the 90’s you could say that Ultima Online opened the door for the rise of the MMORPG. An extensive PvP (player versus player) combat system makes you want to never stop playing.
  5. Final Fantasy XI. Final Fantasy XI was the first cross-platform MMORPG and Xbox 360’s first MMORPG and is the most profitable title in the Final Fantasy Series.
  6. Guild Wars. In a twist from traditional MMORPG, Guild Wars deviated to include instancing all the gameplay areas and focused more on PvP making it the competitive online role-playing game to play.
  7. Guild Wars 2. A storyline that is responsive to player actions is common in single player role-player games but when it hits you in the multi-player Guild Wars 2 it makes you sit up and pay attention. No sleep walking through this one.
  8. Everquest II. The differences from the original make Everquest II winner. Improved graphics including detailed character graphics and huge detailed world zones look great. And I really enjoyed that they stopped kill stealing with locked encounters.
  9. League of Legends. In 2012 Forbes marked League of Legends as the most played PC game in North America and Europe in terms of numbers of hour played. With 27 million people per day playing its hard to find someone who is not playing League of Legends.
  10. Star Wars: The Old Republic. When you see a $200 million price tag you expect a hell of a game and with the Star Wars: The Old Republic you get it. Even better reports that Star Wars: The Old Republic is going F2P with a hybrid business model in Fall 2014.

Buy your favorites or try some of the great free MMO games. Just make sure you get in the game. And don’t just rant and rave at your screen if you disagree. Let me know, that is what the comment box is for!