Why I Hate Crossfit but Will Still Be in Class Tomorrow

Why I Hate Crossfit but Will Still Be in Class Tomorrow

by Chantelle Kadala, published May 19, 2014 – Health & Fitness

God, I’m tired!. I don’t mean in a, “OMG! I’m So Tired!” way. I mean, in the literal sense. That I am actually pleading to the creator of all things and worker of miracles, in whatever form you exist – I’ve never been so tired and pretty please make this the last burpee I’ll ever have to do in my life.

That is what is going through my brain when I do CrossFit. I don’t know what other people are thinking during CrossFit. I assume from the enthusiasm that slaps you upside the head at every exercise switch that they are not thinking what I’m thinking. There is an energy that flows around the room like everyone is holding back the best high five that was every high fived and they are vibrating with the need to release it.

My Cons of CrossFit

Understand that there is a major problem with me doing CrossFit. Neither my lifestyle nor personality type mesh with this kind energy, nor this type of workout. In full disclosure I NEVER work out. Someone bought me a month of classes at the local CrossFit. Un-affectionately thought of by me as the industrial strip mall warehouse spaced sweat shop that should roll down the giant metal doors and turn on the AC when humans enter.

I despise almost all exercise to my core and the fact that I have those genetics that have kept me thin, toned and flat stomached (even after three kids) with no effort means that I don’t have the drive that fuels a hard work for a better body lifestyle. I just don’t. But genetics only hold you in so long and everyone swore up and down that CrossFit was designed for a naturally athletic and every day active body type such as mine and I “have to try it.”

Also I believe in showing the courtesy of being genuinely interested in whatever anyone has taken the time to say to me but CrossFit lovers won’t stop talking about CrossFit. They just won’t. It’s incessant. If they find a sucker who will listen (that is me) it just wouldn’t occur to them that someone would not be interested in the WOD (Work Out of the Day) that they read about yesterday. I don’t care. And if another person tells me they are thinking of quitting their job and opening a gym I might give CrossFit official cult status.

My Pros of CrossFit

The rub is that it is really the best work out I’ve ever had. I played sports as a teen and groaned through enough strength and conditioning to sour me for life but this is just different. And that is because it’s different every day and the mix of exercises does have a major effect on my mind and body’s attentiveness and response to that horrible hour.

Running of any length and sit ups would probably be number one and number two, right before child hunger, of my top three things I hate most in this world and there is way too much of both (running and sit ups, we never taken food from babies) for my tasted. But to be clear, running three feet and doing two sit ups would be too much for my taste.

But the other exercises may be some of the most effective movements you can do with your body to create an actual strength that is applicable to your real life. Can I flip a car or get a fitness model contract? No, not yet. Can I carry my 30 pound one year old a little longer with a little less effort? After three weeks I’d have to tell you yes, I can. That is useful to me.

Was my CrossFit experience “life changing”?

My CrossFit experience has been good and bad and while I wouldn’t say life changing, it could possibly be classified as life altering. If I could just get these people to stop being so overly motivated and chatty there is a possibility that I could become a CrossFit-ter. The strong, silent type.