Your Bad Habits are Affecting Your Mental and Emotional Health

Seven Tips to Strengthen Yourself While Dealing With Mental and Emotional Disorders

By Chantelle Kadala –  Apr 25, 2014

When looking to improve your mental health, the best first step you can make is to take care of your body. Your mind and body are so connected that once you begin to improve your physical health, you will simultaneously experience a greater sense of emotional and mental well-being.

Dealing with mental and emotional disorders is draining to your mind, body and spirit. When working towards improving your life it is important to not only believe that there is a better quality of life possible but to also make changes that give you the best chance at success.

There are smart choices you make daily that will strengthen your body and mind making you better equipped to deal with whatever the world might throw at you. Applying the following tips to improve your daily existence can make an immediate impact in your life.

Seven Steps Toward A Mentally and Physically Stronger You

  1. Exercise. Simply adding a stress-freeing 30 minute activity to your day is enough exercise to make a difference in your life. Walk the dog around a few more blocks. Bike to the neighborhood store instead of driving. Take a step out of your comfort zone and try a Zumba class at the community center. Just do something to get moving more.
  2. Eat Right. Not to be confused with dieting. Chances are you have enough on your plate without adding losing weight just now. This is a good time to learn what you should be eating for optimal health, not weight loss, so you can fuel this journey. Once you get your mind right you can devote more time to getting your weight right.
  3. Sunlight. This natural and free mood lifter might be the easiest thing you will do all day. Try to get at least 15 minutes of sun each day and extra points if you do this while exercising. But standing outside having a conversation with a friend or reading a book would be great too.
  4. Rest. You know how much sleep makes your body and mind work at its best. Set your alarm not only to wake up but also to signal you when to go to bed. Create routines that make going to sleep and getting up less stressful. Extremes towards too much sleep or too little sleep cripple your body’s and mind’s ability to function at a healing level.
  5. Support. You need human connection to be at your best. Step away from the televisions and computer screens and connect daily with people you like face-to-face. It’s extraordinary the healing power of time spent with a good listener who can hear your problems and give you the feedback that is impactful for you. Sometimes its advice but sometimes it’s just a hug.
  6. Be Useful. Positively impacting other people’s lives by doing useful things helps create connections. It lets you see how you connect with other beings and your impact on the people around you. Being valued for what you do and who you are boost your self-esteem and self-image.
  7. Stop Worrying. Don’t borrow sorrow. Yes, if those things you worry about happen, it is going to suck. But what if they don’t happen? You’ve drug yourself through the whole terrible, sorrowful mess of it for no reason. You have enough to do working towards improving your life that you don’t need to bring negative energy unnecessarily. Find a method of letting go of needless worry.

Creating good habits and daily routines gives a strong foundation you’ll be able to lean on when dealing with mental and emotional disorders. Make the time and effort to take care of yourself.