FREE 2015 Marketing Calendar Template

FREE Marketing Calendar Template

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Marketing Calendar Excel Template – 2015

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Google Drive Keyboard Shortcuts

At great risk of seeming like the oldest person on the internet, I will tell you that when I started working full time Word Perfect was all the rage.  In the twenty years since I have obviously ditched Word Perfect and become an expert at Microsoft Word.  Today there are dozens of applications and software you can use to create a document and one of the most popular (and free) is Google Drive.

Google Drive is just about the smartest thing happening up in the cloud(s) for creating and storing everything you need for everything you are trying to do.   If you haven’t tried it… do it now.  If you have, then you can benefit from learning some of the more rudimentary keyboard shortcuts.

I invite you to use this simple cheat sheet to save time and increase your productivity:

Click here for your pdf:

Google Drive Keyboard Shortcuts



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