Have a Writer on Retainer

Who needs a writer on retainer?

Clients with monthly content needs or clients who plan to have a sizeable writing workload for a period of 3, 6, or more months can hire a dedicated writer on retainer at a discounted price.

Why have a writer on retainer? 

  • You get lower rates, guaranteed availability and priority status for your projects.
  • You work with writer knowledgeable about your goals and products, who understands your audience and is invested in your success.
  • The longer you work together with a writer, a better understanding of expectations and results is developed resulting in more faster planning, more efficient development, and faster turnaround with fewer revisions on your projects.

Retainer agreements are subject to availability and available for the following services:

Social Media. Creating, updating and managing social media profiles.  Writing and publishing posts.  Creating social media calendars.  Writing social media and PPC ads to grow followers and increase engagement.  Monitoring and responding to comments and conversations with users and customers.  Engaging influencers with comments and reposts.

Newsletters and Email Marketing.  These inexpensive ways to develop relationships with prospects and keep clients informed and engaged need to be delivered on a regular basis and with a consistent voice.  Services can include:  Writing newsletter and email content.  Industry research.  Developing an editorial calendar.

Online Content.  Educate and entertain your website visitors with information, tutorials, stories and advice in the form of web page copy, articles, and blog posts.  Good and plentiful content helps you rank higher in search engine results and brings focused traffic to your website.  Services can include:  Content calendar development.  Web page content.  Industry research.  Blog posts and articles.  Guest blog posts for influential websites.  Case studies.  Press releases.  White papers.  eBooks.  Video and presentation scripting.  Sales and landing pages.  WordPress blog management, optimization, and posting… and more.

Retainer agreements are subject to availability with a minimum monthly $1000 retainer.